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Welcome to Ragnerok

Welcome to the World of Warcraft guild called Ragnerok.

We are a very social alliance guild on the Azjol-Nerub server.
If u would like to join Ragnerok, feel free to contact any Ragnerok player ingame, and he or she, will help u to get invited.
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Guild Raids

helldaemon, Oct 12, 11 2:54 AM.
Hello all,

I'm trying to assemble raid team.
I'll put guild events on regular basis if my free time permits.
When we figure out who is here for raiding , I'll stop making
open public events and will do only invite only events for the dedicated raiders.

So if you want to get involved, check the guild calendar next 1-2 months :)
Current plan is: ToT4w, BoT and BWD without the last bosses.

P.S. Please put a comment ingame in your note that you read the forums :)
this will tell me who will be the target of my shouts (the ones that don't read it) :)

LF Guild raid team

Driezeke, Jul 24, 11 12:46 PM.
Hi , i have been dooing zandalari's for a wile now and i wanted to head over to the next step witch i think is raiding. Sinds i'm an officer i kinda feel its my duty to start up a raid team whitin our guild. But because i got no experience with raiding i realy gonna need help, so if you are interested plz contact my main (Barbar) or wright me a PM.


LightDK, Apr 7, 11 2:11 PM.
Ragnerok has found a new raid leader.
If u are interested in doin cata raids in this guild, then go sign up in the members forum.

Contact Hanslanda for more information


LightDK, Apr 3, 11 10:08 AM.
We are currently looking for 1-2 raidleaders for our 10 man cata raiding team.

contact Lightdk ingame for more info

- Light

ICC run

LightDK, Feb 27, 11 11:59 AM.
Ragnerok is doing part 2 of ICC run, tonight
Remember to read up on the tactics from boss 5 :)

- Light
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European: Azjol-Nerub (PvE)
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